Here at Sycamore Hills Dentistry, we have highly trained oral surgeons onsite so that when you need root canal treatment, you can expect nothing but the best care possible. Root canal treatment (more formally known as endodontic therapy) is used when a patient has a severely infected tooth. Tooth infections—especially that reach the nerve—are never fun, and root canal therapy can get you back to a happy, healthy smile by staving off infection and preserving your natural tooth. If you’re experiencing any symptoms of a tooth infection, schedule an appointment with a root canal specialist today.

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Signs Your Tooth May Be Infected

You can’t always tell when your tooth is infected, and that’s why routine exams and cleanings every six months are so important; they help your root canal dentist keep an eye out for any potential issues before they become more difficult to manage. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, call us right away!!

  • Inflamed, Painful or Tender Gums
  • Toothache or Sharp Pain When Pressure Is Applied or While Biting Down
  • Foul Taste or Smell Inside Mouth
  • Jaw Ache or Pain
  • Swollen or Tender Lymph Nodes
  • High Body Temperature or Temperature Around Area of Tooth
  • Abscess On or Around Infected Tooth

The Root Canal Procedure

With Sycamore Hills Dentistry, there’s no need to see an endodontist for your root canal procedure. Our root canal dentist and team complete the entire process, including the root canal and crown, in-house from start to finish. While many people think of a root canal as daunting, it’s a quite common procedure. The purpose is to relieve you of the discomfort caused by your infection. Our skilled Fort Wayne dentist will gain access to the pulp inside the root canals of your tooth which is where the infection lies. After removing the infected pulp and using antibiotics to stave off future infection, we’ll seal the tooth with a crown so that the bite and appearance of your smile is seamless.

Affordable Root Canal in Fort Wayne

Don’t let the cost of root canal treatment get in the way of feeling better. Our root canal specialist offers a wide range of financial options so that you can fit the care you need into practically any budget. We accept most insurance and all major debit and credit cards. We also offer our in-house Advantage Plan, which helps you and your family save big on your dental care. Call today to learn more about your financial options.

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