Orthodontic treatments have been revolutionized in recent years. Before, patients were all but limited to intrusive braces, which are impossible to hide. However, now you have a number of options that will help fix twisted or crooked teeth. Sycamore Hills Dentistry can carry out orthodontic treatments at our Fort Wayne offices. All treatments and follow ups are performed by our team of dental professionals, so that your care is in the hands of familiar faces. We will provide you with all the aftercare that you need, including education on how to look after your newly aligned teeth.

Orthodontic Treatment

Depending on the type of orthodontic treatment you receive, you may feel discomfort in your cheeks and jaws. However, this discomfort should be temporary. If it persists, contact us right away. Regular cleaning and flossing is essential – especially with wire braces. Food and bacteria can get underneath the braces and cause decay or gum disease.

Where possible, avoid sticky or sugary foods and drinks. An interdental brush will help keep orthodontic braces clean and prevent any damage to the underlying teeth. Your dental hygienist will provide you with additional information on aftercare to help you keep your teeth clean and healthy throughout the orthodontic treatments. Contact Sycamore Hills Dentistry today to schedule an appointment or for more information regarding orthodontic treatment.