At Sycamore Hills Dentistry, we offer tooth extraction services for patients of all ages. Whether you require routine wisdom teeth removal or an emergency tooth extraction for a badly damaged tooth, our professionals can help you get the care you need.

Our goal is always to save existing teeth for as long as possible. Unfortunately, it isn’t always possible to save your natural tooth. In some cases, dental extraction may be necessary to alleviate severe tooth pain, prevent more serious dental issues, and, ultimately, preserve the health of your mouth. 

When Is Tooth Extraction in Fort Wayne Necessary? 

There are several reasons why your dentist for tooth extraction may recommend tooth removal for one or more of your natural teeth. You may need to have a tooth pulled if: 

  • You have a tooth that is damaged or decayed beyond repair
  • You suffer from advanced periodontal disease, which has caused one or more teeth to loosen
  • You are preparing for orthodontic treatment and require the removal of one or more teeth to make space for braces or other appliances
  • You have experienced trauma to a tooth that requires emergency tooth extraction 

What to Expect During a Dental Extraction 

Having a tooth pulled is a fairly quick and straightforward procedure. Most simple extractions can be performed using a local anesthetic. As your dentist gently pulls the tooth, it is common to feel pressure. You should not experience any discomfort as the surrounding nerves will be numb. Following the dental extraction, your dentist will send you home with instructions for post-extraction care and recovery. 

To avoid common complications associated with tooth removal, such as shifting teeth and difficulty chewing, your dentist may also discuss tooth replacement options, such as dental implants

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When it isn’t possible to preserve your natural tooth, a dental extraction can be an effective and easy way to maintain the integrity of your existing teeth.

To learn more about having a tooth pulled, contact Sycamore Hills Dentistry. Our professionals are experienced in routine tooth removal procedures and can explain the best options for you. Call (260) 213-4400 today to schedule your visit with a dentist for tooth extraction or feel free to schedule an appointment online.

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