Sycamore Hills Dentistry

Emergency Dentistry

In the past, dentists had a hard time defining the meaning of emergency treatment. A patient could expect to wait weeks for essential treatment rendering the term “emergency” meaningless. However, we offer our patients truly comprehensive dental services that includes real emergency treatment that is fast and efficient. For you that means the ability, in most cases, to receive treatment on the same day that you contact Sycamore Hills Dentistry. We are able to offer such a high level of emergency treatment due to our extended hours and convenient scheduling.

Emergency dentistry does not mean a reduction in the standard of care you receive, however. We have put processes in place to ensure that our team is able to capture all the details of your emergency before you arrive at our offices. Our dental hygienist will be waiting for your arrival, where you will receive a full exam before any treatments are carried out. If major treatment is required, we can provide you with temporary treatment and pain relief while you are waiting for your next appointment.

The emergency treatment offered by the staff of Sycamore Hills Dentistry is of the highest level. Our compassion for our patients is what sets up apart from other dental practices in Fort Wayne. Additionally, by visiting us in an emergency we can help prevent further damage to the affected teeth or gums. We are always available to you when you find yourself in an emergency, so that you do not have to wait until the next open appointment. Emergency dentistry is just a small example of the strides we take to ensure your oral health does not suffer. When scheduling is preventing you from getting the dental care that you need, contact our office today to take advantage of an emergency appointment with Sycamore Hills Dentistry