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Missing teeth can significantly impact your daily life, affecting your self-esteem, social interactions, and career prospects. The limitations caused by missing or failing teeth, such as difficulty biting and chewing, can be frustrating.

Dental implants offer a transformative solution, providing a strong, natural-looking, and permanent set of teeth that allow you to enjoy your favorite foods, smile confidently, and express your personality without reservation. At Sycamore Hills Dentistry in Fort Wayne, IN, we specialize in affordable dental implants that can last for decades, aiming to help you cherish your smile for a lifetime.

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dental implant icon showing the three separate parts: crown, abutment, and post

Anatomy of a Dental Implant

A dental implant comprises three essential components designed to replace a missing tooth. First, a titanium implant post, resembling a screw, is surgically inserted into the jawbone, replacing the missing tooth root. Second, an abutment connects the implant to the crown, bridge, overdenture, or fixed full mouth prosthesis. Lastly, the tooth portion, typically crafted from high-quality zirconia, is meticulously customized to match your mouth’s color, shape, and size, enhancing your facial aesthetics. Dental implants are the sole permanent tooth replacement option, boasting the potential for a lifetime of use when coupled with proper at-home oral hygiene and regular professional dental care.

Your Custom Dental Implant Options

single dental implant model

Single implant

Dental implants are the ideal way to recreate a strong, free-standing replacement that looks and feels just like a natural tooth if you’re missing a single tooth or individual teeth in separate areas of the mouth.

dental implant bridge

Dental Implant Bridge

A dental implant bridge is a restorative dental appliance that replaces multiple missing teeth using dental implants as anchors. Typically, two or more dental implants are surgically placed into the jawbone to provide stability and support for the bridge. This innovative solution restores function and aesthetics, prevents bone loss, and offers a durable, long-lasting option for those with multiple missing teeth.

full mouth dental implants model

Full Mouth Dental Implants

If you’re missing all the teeth in your mouth, suffering from general failing dental health, or looking for an alternative to old-fashioned dentures, full mouth dental implants is the “gold standard” tooth replacement. With full mouth dental implants, you’ll have a strong, functional set of natural-looking teeth that will never slip, shift, or fall out.

implant supported denture model

Implant-Supported Dentures

For some patients, a removable implant-supported denture may be preferable to permanently fixed full mouth dental implants. This hybrid approach gives you the versatility of a removable prosthesis with the stability of dental implants using a modified denture that snaps securely.

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We Have the Tips on How to Keep Your Dental Implants Healthy and Successful!

How Can Dental Implants
Improve Your Life?

  • Can withstand 99% of normal chewing and biting forces
  • Enjoy a full variety of crunchy and chewy foods without limits
  • Restorations look and feel completely natural
  • A complete smile makeover with dental implants can dramatically improve confidence
  • Improve oral health and physical well-being
  • Prevent bone loss and preserve healthy joint function
  • Preserve youthful contours of the face
  • Fit won’t change over time, and teeth will stay securely in place long term
  • Significantly better overall quality of life
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Top 5 Mistakes People
Make With Dental Implants

Do you have all the information you need to make the right decisions about dental implants? Don’t make any of these five common mistakes. Our exclusive checklist will steer you in the right direction.

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We’re Here to Put These Dental Myths to Rest…

Your Path to a Strong, Beautiful Smile

Your dental implant treatment at Sycamore Hills Dentistry is personalized to your oral health needs and smile goals. Your path to a fully restored smile starts with a consultation with our implant dentist in Fort Wayne, IN. We want to know how your dental health affects your life and understand your goals for your restored smile. We’ll review your dental and medical history, collect detailed digital diagnostics, and create your custom treatment plan.

Since your comfort is our top priority, we’ll administer your preferred choice of sedation to ensure you’re comfortable throughout your visit. Your personalized treatment plan might include tooth extractions or bone grafting, and we’ll ensure you completely understand your plan and guide you through choosing the right options for you. We use fully guided techniques and top-of-the-line dental technology to place your dental implants in predetermined spots within your jawbone at a 45-degree angle to create a precise, efficient procedure with exact and predictable results.

We can often attach a temporary tooth or set of teeth at this same appointment. As your mouth heals over the next 4-6 months, you can eat comfortably and enjoy restored smile esthetics until you receive your permanent, custom-made dental implant restoration. Once your mouth is fully healed, we’ll place your final restoration so you can enjoy a life full of healthy smiles.

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