A crown, or a tooth cap, is a durable covering that is custom-made to fit over a tooth that has been structurally damaged by decay or trauma. It helps restore the health, function, and appearance of a tooth — and can be used for a variety of reasons. The best way to determine if a cap could benefit one or more of your teeth is to talk to your dentist. In the meantime, Sycamore Hills Dentistry might recommend dental crowns in Fort Wayne for the following reasons.

  • You are experiencing pain when you bite down or chew.
  • You have a damaged tooth, such as a chip, crack, or fracture.
  • You have a tooth with extensive decay that requires more than a filling.
  • You have undergone root canal treatment, which is completed with the placement of a root canal crown over the tooth to protect the tooth and improve its appearance.
  • You have a tooth that is severely discolored or misshapen, in which case a porcelain crown can significantly restore the tooth’s natural appearance.
  • You had a dental bridge or implant procedure. A crown holds a bridge in place and covers a dental implant to complete the restoration process.

At Sycamore Hills Dentistry, we work with patients to provide all services related to dental crowns in two easy visits to our Fort Wayne office. The first appointment prepares the tooth and places a temporary crown on the affected tooth. A permanent crown is bonded at the following visit.

Benefits of Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are one of the most frequently performed and recommended dental procedures. This is because they correct a variety of problems and significantly extend the life of a tooth. 

Benefits of crowns include:

  • A dental crown relieves painful symptoms caused by extensive tooth decay or oral trauma by repairing the integrity of the tooth’s structure.
  • Today’s placement of dental crowns is straightforward and minimally invasive. For certain cases, we even offer same-day dental crowns. This involves one easy trip to our office for the tooth cap and placement.
  • Crowns are custom-made using high-quality materials, such as metal, porcelain, or ceramic. We design your crown according to your unique dental needs and goals, including shape, size, and color.
  • In addition to restoring teeth, crowns offer cosmetic benefits. When a crown is placed over a tooth, it can instantly improve the appearance of discolored, misshaped, or fractured teeth.
  • A crown is created using strong, durable materials that can last many years with proper care.

Different Types of Crowns

There are several material options for patients to consider when getting a crown. Popular types include:

  • Metal
  • Porcelain
  • Composite Resin
  • Ceramic

Materials used to fabricate crowns can also be combined. For instance, your dentist may recommend a porcelain crown fused to metal, as opposed to an all-porcelain crown. When choosing the material of your crown, your dentist will consider several factors, including your tooth’s location in the mouth, how much of the tooth is visible when you smile, the function of the tooth that requires a crown, and how much of the natural tooth is remaining.

What to Expect

Getting a crown is a straightforward procedure that usually requires two visits. It begins with an examination of the affected tooth by the dentist. An X-ray of the tooth and surrounding bone may also be taken. In some cases, a root canal procedure is necessary before receiving a crown to eliminate any decay or injury to the tooth’s inner pulp.

To prepare the tooth for the crown, the dentist will first file and reshape the tooth to make space for the crown covering. During this visit an impression is made of the prepared tooth and sent to a dental lab where the crown is made. A temporary crown is placed to cover and protect the affected tooth while you wait on your permanent crown.

At your second appointment, the temporary cap is removed, and the permanent, custom-made crown is placed. The dentist will examine the crown for proper fit, color, and comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do dental crowns last?

Several factors can influence how long a crown will last. On average, crowns can last between five and 15 years. The materials used to build crowns are very durable and should last many years with proper care and maintenance.

How long does it take to recover following crown placement?

The process for getting a crown is quick and straightforward, with no downtime. Following the procedure, you should be able to continue your day immediately without having to worry about taking time off work or adjusting your schedule.

How should I care for my crown?

To extend the lifespan of your crown, treat it like a natural tooth. Brush and floss regularly, and visit your dentist for an oral exam and teeth cleaning twice a year. You should also avoid chewing hard foods or biting your nails, as these actions can wear down the crown.

Affordable Dental Crowns in Fort Wayne

If you are looking for a dentist that does different types of crowns, talk to Sycamore Hills Dentistry. A dental crown protects vulnerable teeth, prevents unnecessary extractions, and can enhance the appearance of your smile in one easy procedure. Contact our office today to learn more about how you might benefit from the best tooth crown in Fort Wayne and if they might be a good option for you.


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