Cracked Tooth Repair

At Sycamore Hills Dentistry, we have found through discussions with our patients that most people are not aware of the options for cracked tooth repair. Innovations in general dentistry are constantly improving. This means you can have your cracked tooth restored to its former look and shape. Furthermore, a cracked tooth can cause more serious issues. It is important to have it repaired as soon as possible.

When enamel is damaged, plaque and tartar have free reign to get into the damaged area and promote decay. Unchecked, decay will cause further damage to the tooth and can even affect the gums and surrounding bone. Considering that treatments for cracked teeth are often quick and painless, it makes sense to arrange an appointment with Sycamore Hills Dentistry at your earliest convenience.

Repairs to Damaged Teeth

Simple dental sealants and fillings can resolve most issues when a tooth is cracked. When a tooth has become completely compromised, other options such as dentures and implants can restore the tooth. A cracked tooth can also affect your self-esteem, causing you emotional anxiety in social situations. Having the tooth repaired will give you back your confidence. You can once again smile confidently as you enjoy time with family and friends. You do not have to suffer in silence – Sycamore Hills Dentistry is here to restore your smile to its former health and vibrancy.

When you come to Sycamore Hills Dentistry with a cracked tooth, we will carry out a comprehensive exam to ensure that the problem is isolated to the tooth in question. In some cases, other teeth may also have cracks that are not visible to the casual observer. By repairing those teeth, we can limit the potential impact to your overall oral health. Not only can we repair the cracked tooth, but we will match the color so that no one will know the difference. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation about your cracked tooth.