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The Benefits Of Root Canal Treatment

Root canals have gotten a bad reputation over the years for being a painful dental procedure. Fortunately, that’s not the case today. Now, dentists can utilize sedation dentistry, advanced laser technology, and other calming techniques to provide a virtually pain free root canal procedure — usually in one easy appointment!

In fact, root canals offer many long-term benefits for a patient’s oral health. During treatment, infected material from inside a tooth’s inner layer is removed to repair and save the decayed tooth. However, if a diseased tooth is ignored for too long, it may reach the point where it cannot be saved. That’s why early detection and treatment by your dentist is the key to saving your natural tooth and preventing extraction.

Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

In most cases, dentists prefer root canals over tooth extraction. The benefits of a root canal far outweigh those of removing a tooth. Some important benefits of a root canal include:

  • Preserving your natural tooth: One of the most important benefits of a root canal is that it prevents the loss of your diseased tooth. Without treatment, the tooth would die and need to be extracted — a process that requires more time and invasive restorative treatment down the road. With a simple root canal, your dentist can remove the diseased material from inside the tooth to restore the tooth to its normal function.
  • Resolving pain: Pain is one of the most common symptoms of an infected tooth root. When the inner pulp of a tooth is infected, the tissues and nerves in the tooth are much more sensitive. Root canals can eliminate the diseased portion of the tooth that is causing the discomfort and provide relief.
  • Preventing infection from spreading: During a root canal, the decayed tooth is fully cleaned to eliminate the infection from the tooth. This prevents the infection from spreading to neighboring teeth and surrounding gum or jawbone tissues, all of which could require extensive restorative work to repair.
  • Improving your smile: With root canal treatment, your existing tooth structure is saved, which means you shouldn’t have unsightly gaps or missing teeth in your smile. Once your root canal treatment is complete, a crown is placed on your natural tooth. The tooth-colored crowns mimic your natural teeth to create a beautiful, seamless smile.

Gentle Root Canal Therapy at Sycamore Hills Dentistry

If your dentist suggests root canal treatment — don’t worry! There are major benefits to having a root canal procedure, including preserving your natural tooth and alleviating your pain. Contact Sycamore Hills Dentistry today to schedule a visit and learn more about your treatment options.