Teeth Whitening

Dr. Rorick client consultationAt Sycamore Hills Dentistry in Fort Wayne, IN, we are pleased to provide excellent teeth whitening services to our patients. Teeth whitening is one of the easiest dental procedures that can achieve dramatic results. It seems that just about everyone wants a bright white smile, and teeth whitening procedures are just the tool to lighten the teeth multiple shades. Over the counter teeth whitening strips, tooth pastes, mouthwashes, and even floss have brought in billions of dollars over the last two decades. However, these over the counter products cannot achieve the whitest levels that are only available at the dentist’s office. Patients who wish to safely and effectively whiten their teeth should seek out a professional dental practice that offers the results that they desire.

Tooth discoloration happens to everyone. Aging is the natural cause of teeth yellowing, but diet, tobacco usage, medications, and other poor habits can also contribute to the discoloration of the teeth. At Sycamore Hills Dentistry, we provide professional teeth whitening services that allow patients to whiten their teeth multiple shades in a very short amount of time. Our teeth whitening treatments are customized for each patient based on their desires and oral health. Our professional treatments help patients remove stubborn stains and create a dramatic difference in the entire appearance of their face. A bright, white smile is a beautiful thing! Even those whose teeth are not perfectly straight can transform the appearance of their smiles by simply lifting the discoloration of their teeth.

If you are interested in professional teeth whitening services in Fort Wayne, IN, please contact Sycamore Hills Dentistry today. We understand that a beautiful smile is one of the greatest assets that a person can have. Whether you are interviewing for a new job, are preparing for a major presentation, are a bride who wants to look radiant at her wedding, or you simply want to brighten your smile to boost your own confidence – Sycamore Hills Dentistry is proud to serve you. Contact our practice to learn more about our professional teeth whitening services or to schedule an appointment. We look forward to bringing forth your most beautiful smile!

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