Smoking: A Real Drag On Your Oral Health

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Smoking and the use of any type of tobacco products is a real drag on your oral health. Tobacco produces detrimental impacts on a person’s health, which have been well documented in diseases such as severe breathing issues and lung cancer. Yet, there is another health aspect that is often overlooked until it becomes a major problem. Oral health problems are significantly impacted by all types of tobacco usage, posing yet another threat to your entire health.

Periodontal disease and oral cancer are two of the most severe oral health concerns. Both of these present the possibility of irreversible damage, tooth loss, disfiguration, and even death.

Periodontal disease is the severe infection of the gum tissues inside the mouth. These tissues surround and support the teeth so that they remain healthy and strong. In its earliest form, gum disease known as gingivitis is treatable and its effects are reversible. However, periodontal disease is so severe that the damage it causes attacks the stability of the teeth. Once infection from periodontal disease sets in, the teeth will become loose, the gums will have been eaten away by infection, extensive medical dentistry intervention will be needed, and the teeth may eventually fall out. Smoking and tobacco use cause the gum tissues to become irritated and overly vulnerable to infection, which is the leading cause of periodontal disease.

Another reaction occurs inside the mouth with every drag on a cigarette or tobacco product put into the mouth: the body’s immune system is weakened. A weak immune system is a dangerous state for the body to live in because infections have more severe consequences on a body that cannot fight them. With a weakened immune system, the body cannot fight the severe infection caused by periodontal disease. This is why tobacco users are prominently affected by oral cancer. The number of antibodies needed to fight off toxins inside the mouth are killed from periodontal disease, and oral cancer easily sets in.

At Sycamore Hills Dentistry, we understand that an addiction to smoking and tobacco products can be strong. However, we also understand the dire consequences for those who do not break the habit. Our dental practice is here to help you stop tobacco use in any way we can. Please contact our practice to schedule an appointment regarding how to overcome the damage caused by tobacco use.

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