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Signs You May Have A Cracked Tooth

Fort Wayne IN General Dentistry TreatmentA cracked tooth is a serious dental concern, yet it is often overlooked or ignored simply because it is not as obvious as you would think. In fact, dentists regularly diagnose cracked teeth in patients during a routine dental cleaning without the patients even being aware of the issue. Knowing the signs that you may have a cracked tooth are important so that you can seek proper treatment within an appropriate timeframe. Because a cracked tooth can often mask itself, knowing what to pay attention to can save your tooth.

Any type of damage to a tooth can leave it vulnerable to decay and/or death. Each tooth has its own life because it is directly linked to its own blood vessels and nerves. A crack in a tooth has the potential to allow bacteria and debris to reach the inner layers of the tooth, infecting it from the inside out. For instance, many cracks occur in the back molars. When you bite down to chew, you may feel a sharp pain in a single tooth – this is the crack opening under pressure and exposing the inner nerves of the tooth. When you take the pressure off the tooth, the pain immediately disappears. Many people ignore this issue because the pain or discomfort “goes away.” However, as mentioned earlier, the opening of the crack allows bacteria to enter the inner layers of the tooth; this leaves it incredibly vulnerable to infection.

Any type of pain or discomfort inside the mouth needs to be brought to the attention of your dentist for evaluation and the appropriate treatment. Pain is an indicator that something is amiss inside your mouth, and it is especially important to understand that damage to a tooth will not heal on its own. If a cracked tooth is allowed to fester inside the mouth, it can lead to severe pain, the death of the tooth, and costly repairs.

Signs that you may have a cracked tooth include: pain or discomfort, a change in the appearance of a tooth, a visible line in a tooth, discoloration of a single tooth, a chipped tooth, and/or transparency within a tooth. Many cracks in a tooth can be treated successfully with minimally invasive treatment when caught early.

If you are concerned that you may have a cracked tooth, please contact Sycamore Hills Dentistry today. We are here for all of your dental health care needs and comfort.

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