Root Canals

Ft. Wayne IN Dentist OfficeYou will only receive two sets of teeth during your lifetime. This is true of everyone, making to imperative that you do what is necessary to protect your teeth and keep them healthy. One way to do this is by having any necessary dental work done in a timely manner. This is often difficult for some people because of their aversion to visiting the dentist, even for a regular checkup. However, allowing dental problems to fester will only make them worse. Trauma, damage, decay, or infection of a tooth will never heal themselves on their own because the mouth is not designed to do this. Dental work, usually in the form of a root canal, is typically necessary to treat and save the tooth.

If you had anxiety creep up at the thought of a root canal, then it is because you do not truly understand what a root canal is. A root canal is not painful – infected and damaged teeth are painful. Root canals are done to alleviate the pain associated with a damaged tooth, and they are performed as a means of saving a tooth within the mouth. Infected teeth are incredibly painful because they are attacking the nerves and living tissues within the teeth. If left untreated, the pain will become unbearable and damage too severe for the tooth to be saved. This will only lead to more extensive, and expensive, dental work.

Root canals are performed under local anesthesia so that patients do not feel pain. At Sycamore Hills Dentistry, we also offer nitrous oxide for patients who need extra help relaxing during treatment. During the procedure, the tooth is opened so that the damaged and/or infected pulp can be removed. Once the tooth is cleaned out, it will be treated with antibiotics, filled, and then sealed in order to protect it from further infection.

At Sycamore Hills Dentistry, we are here to provide the highest standard in dentistry to all of our patients. If you have any type of dental pain, please do not wait any longer to receive the care and treatment that you need. It is essential to treat a damaged tooth so that it will not negatively affect your other teeth, and so that your pain will be alleviated. Contact our practice today. Your oral health and comfort are our top priority.

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