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Don’t Ignore a Painful Tooth

Fort Wayne IN Family DentistWe get it – putting off your bi-yearly dental appointment is enticing. It is hard to plan six months in advance. However, we hope you know how vital these appointments are to your oral health. These dental visits allow us to properly clean your teeth and evaluate them for any signs of cavities, gum disease, or other issues. While putting off regular dental appointments may seem like no big deal, there is a certain type of dental appointment that you should never put off. If you have any symptoms of a painful tooth, do not ignore it! Please contact us at Sycamore Hills Dentistry right away. A painful tooth is generally the symptom of another more serious oral health care concern, and it will only grow worse – and more painful – over time.

A toothache is often much more serious than many people think. The fact is, none of your teeth should hurt if they are healthy and the area surrounding the teeth are healthy. The most common reasons for a painful tooth range in severity, yet they are all issues that need to be addressed by your dentist so that you can receive the proper care.

A minor issue that many people experience as they cause of a painful tooth is having a piece of food, such as a popcorn kernel, stuck under the gum line. If a piece of food is trapped, it will be very difficult to extract. Leaving the food will cause it to rot inside the mouth, causing bad breath and infection to set in. Your dentist can remove a trapped piece of food pretty easily, and this will help your tooth to feel better and avoid a more serious dental issue.

A cracked tooth is another common cause of a painful tooth. This pain is typically felt while eating because the pressure of biting opens up the crack in the tooth, exposing the inner roots. When pressure is taken off the tooth, the crack will close and the pain will go away. Cracks in teeth are often minor issues that can be easily filled; however, if they are ignored, the crack will become severe and allow bacteria into the inside of the tooth.

An infected tooth will cause excruciating pain. An infected tooth generally results from ignoring a painful tooth. If the underlying cause of the original discomfort was not treated in a timely manner, the issue was allowed to fester and become a serious dental issue with severe ramifications.

Don’t ignore a painful tooth! Contact Sycamore Hills Dentistry right away.

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